Monday, August 9, 2010

Final Round of Anti Corruption Debate Competition

In conjunction with the Students Activity Carnival which started on 6th August until 10th August 2010, the Anti-Corruption Secretariat of UTHM organizes an 'Anti-Corruption Debate Competition'. The competition is opened to all teams representing residential colleges at the University. Teams representing Tun Dr Ismail Residential College and Non-Residential Students made it to the final stage of the debate competition. The motion of the final round, which took place on 8th August, was 'Corruption Practice in the Country is at a Worrying Level'.

The Government team, 'Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College '

The Opposition team, 'Non-Residential Students'

The sole Chinese participant in the debate competition

There were 9 judges led by Miss Ng Wee Fern of the Students' Affairs Unit (HEP). The winner of the debate competition will be announced tonight (9th August 2010) at DTII during the closing ceremony of the carnival. Based on the performance of both teams, it was a very close fight between them. The judges must have had a tough time in choosing the winner. If you want to know which team will emerge victorious and win the Vice Chancellor Trophy, come over to TDII Hall tonight at 8:30pm to find out.

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