Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creative Musical Night (2010 Southern Zone Malaysia Innovative Carnival)

A total of six teams took part in Creative Musical Night Competition. This event was a part of the 2010 Southern Zone Malaysia Innovative Carnival held at UTHM.The participating teams were SMK Sri Gading, Batu Pahat, SMK Tun Ismail / SK Pintas Puding, SK Sri Utama, SMK Temenggung Ibrahim, University Technology Malaysia, and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. The winning team brought home RM5000 and will represent the Southern Zone at the national level competition in November 2010.

The Creative Musical Night was officiated by YB En. M. Asojan A/L Muniyandy. Prizes were presented by Y.B. Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Full Results:
Champion: SK Sri Utama
1st Runner-Up: SMK Sri Gading
2nd Runner-Up: University Technology Malaysia

Consolation Prizes:
SMK Temenggung Ibrahim
SMK Tun Ismail / SK Pintas Puding
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The end of UPSR

Yesterday was the last day of UPSR examination for Standard 6 pupils around the country. In Parit Raja, there are several primary schools in the town which were also the centres for the national examination. On the last day, the pupils sat for the Maths and Science papers which ended at 1 pm. Nevertheless, they were not allowed to go home after that as they had to sit for an aptitude test after lunch. At 4 pm, the pupils were seen rushing out from the hall looking very relieved. Some were heard shouting 'Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! cry, indicating that they were free from the UPSR which has burdened them for many months.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

ramadan bazzar

Ramadan bazzar? it's a place where you can find people from all walks of life. it does not matter what race you are because the traders will treat you equally and most importantly they are very friendly and bubbly. it is also a place where you will start drooling once you see all the delicacies sold there. here,you can not only find friendly people but you can also witness family bonding. in addition, the traders here are supportive towards each other and constantly encourage buyers to try their own food as well as other trader's.
here are some of the delicacies which are sold at the Parit Raja bazzar. enjoy :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hungry for more?

So what is Ramadhan without "bazaar"? I am sure everyone would agree that "bazaar Ramadhan" is a must-go place for food hunters especially during the month of Ramadhan. When most of Parit Raja community will flock to the "bazaar Ramadhan" at the pekan itself, there is another choice to go that is at UTHM main campus which is located at Dataran Masjid parking.
With varieties of food offer from various stalls available, you can expect dish like nasi kerabu (traditional Kelantanese rice with various condiments like salad, smoked beef and fish sauce(budu), nasi lemak, laksa and varieties of traditional kueh as well as other local favourites. Plus all that you can also expect a warm welcome form the sellers! So put "bazaar Ramadhan UTHM" in your list for those who are always hungry for more.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More free bubur lambuk: UTHM Mosque

At the UTHM Mosque this morning, some volunteers were busy preparing bubur lambuk (rice porridge) that will given away after the Asar prayer today. So come early to get it. However, if you don't get your share, you can always come back next Wednesday.

Wet days in Parit Raja

The rainy season in the country has also affected Parit Raja. Heavy rains, strong wind and thunderstorms have hit this place for the past few days. There were fallen trees due to the strong wind and some roads in few parts in Parit Raja were hit by flash flood due to the heavy shower. Let's hope that such condition will not become worse like the one that affected this town in 2006 and early 2007 during the big flood in Johor.

The wet condition however has not dampened the spirit of Ramadhan among the Muslims in here. Life goes on as usual with the fasting during the day and tarawikh prayer and tadarus (recitation) of Quran every night at mosques and suraus around this place.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wet week ahead for all states, says Met Dept 93Z6E2GM3BAK

The following news is taken from a report by The Star on Monday. Precautionary actions should be taken during this wet season.

"Showers and thunderstorms are expected over the peninsula until Aug 21, with early morning rain in coastal areas on the West coast,” said a meteorological officer Sunday.
The officer also said eastern parts of Sabah, like Sandakan and Kudat, would continue to be wet while the west coast and interior divisions would experience thunderstorms and afternoon showers.
Sarawak would also be facing wet weather with all divisions having coastal morning showers and then showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.
Fire stations in flood prone areas have also been alerted, said Fire and Rescue Department section chief of operations and rescue.
"The department is ready to respond to all calls and will respond promptly," he said.
Meanwhile, PLUS Expressways Bhd corporate communications department general manager Khalilah Datuk Mohd Talha reminded motorists using highways in wet weather to reduce their speed and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
She also reminded motorists to switch on their headlights and not their hazard lights when driving.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Bubur Lambuk

Giving out food to fellow Muslims to break their fast is one of the practices encouraged in the teaching of Islam during the month of Ramadhan. A very popular way of doing this is by distributing free bubur lambuk (rice porridge) to the fasting Muslims. In Parit Raja, the UTHM Mosque for some years, has been giving away free bubur lambuk every Wednesday after Asar prayers. For this year, the distribution will start next week on 18 August.

Meanwhile, there are also several banners seen in the town announcing distribution of free bubur lambuk on the 16 and 17 August in front of the CIMB building beginning at 2.30 pm. The banner says that thie event is jointly-organised by the Seri Gading Member of Parliament, Parit Raja State Assemblyman and Skuad Sayang of the Womans' Movement of Seri Gading UMNO. So come early to get your share or you will have to line up in a long queue.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan at Parit Raja

The month of Ramadhan marks the return of Bazaar Ramadhan to many places around the country including Parit Raja. In the heart of this small town, there are two notable areas where people throng to buy food to break their fast. The bigger bazaar spot is in front of the Kompleks Niaga Parit Raja food court while the other one is along Jalan Besar in front of the shop lots building. There are many types of food available ranging from western food to traditional Malay cuisines.

Meanwhile, canopies are also seen erected in front of the CIMB building. It is believed that the canopies will be rented out to traders selling dry items such as attires, accessories and also dry food such as all kinds of kerepek, a sort of traditional Malay crisps which is widely produced in cottage industries in many parts of Parit Raja. Business in this area however usually only starts operating in the second half of Ramadhan.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Parit Raja Daily wishes all Muslim readers Ramadhan al Mubarak

image from as appeared in

Monday, August 9, 2010

Final Round of Anti Corruption Debate Competition

In conjunction with the Students Activity Carnival which started on 6th August until 10th August 2010, the Anti-Corruption Secretariat of UTHM organizes an 'Anti-Corruption Debate Competition'. The competition is opened to all teams representing residential colleges at the University. Teams representing Tun Dr Ismail Residential College and Non-Residential Students made it to the final stage of the debate competition. The motion of the final round, which took place on 8th August, was 'Corruption Practice in the Country is at a Worrying Level'.

The Government team, 'Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College '

The Opposition team, 'Non-Residential Students'

The sole Chinese participant in the debate competition

There were 9 judges led by Miss Ng Wee Fern of the Students' Affairs Unit (HEP). The winner of the debate competition will be announced tonight (9th August 2010) at DTII during the closing ceremony of the carnival. Based on the performance of both teams, it was a very close fight between them. The judges must have had a tough time in choosing the winner. If you want to know which team will emerge victorious and win the Vice Chancellor Trophy, come over to TDII Hall tonight at 8:30pm to find out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

KKDK UTHM goes Muar

In conjunction with 'Jalinan Bestari Komuniti Johor 2010', Fakulti Pendidikan Teknikal (FPTek UTHM) held a program together with Kelab Kauseling dan Kerjaya (KKDK UTHM) in Kampung Parit Bakar, Muar, Johor. One of the events, PROPEC was held on 7th August 2010. This event involved 4 primary schools and a secondary school in Muar. Facilitators of KKDK UTHM had gone to these selected schools to guide and help out in the event. Lots of fun activities were conducted by the facilitators of KKDK UTHM, such as Bollywood Fever, Donkey and Deer, Poisonous Ocean, etc.

Standard 2 and 3 students of SRK Parit Bakar Tengah, one of the 5 schools chosen in the PROPEC program

Syamil Zakaria, KKDK facilitator entertaining the students

Students playing 'Poisonous Ocean', a game where students must remain standing on a piece of paper

Kong Yun Bing, a facilitator of KKDK helping out the students in one of the activities

The PROPEC program started at 11:00 am. Initially, it was supposed to start at 9:00 am, but due to heavy rain early in the morning, the program had to be delayed for a couple of hours. KKDK facilitators had fun together with the pupils, who were so active participating in our activities. The pupils love the facilitators so much, they even requested KKDK facilitators to be their teachers starting next week! Looks like our KKDK facilitators have developed skills in teaching. The program ended at 5:00pm.

Kembara Mahkota Johor

UTHM undergraduates gave a warm welcome and greeted as HRH Sultan Ibrahim and his entourage passed by along the road in front of the UTHM's main campus. The students waved the Johor state flag as Kembara Mahkota Johor passed by. There were also Johor and Malaysian flags placed along the main road.

The History of Parit Raja (Audio-In Malay)

The following video clip contains audio on the History of Parit Raja, as recited in front of Sultan Ibrahim during Kembara Mahkota Johor at Parit Raja, Saturday 7 August 2010.

Kembara Mahkota Johor Phase II (Update 2)-The arrival of the Sultan

It was certainly a very historical and memorable day for the residence of Parit Raja. HRH Sultan Ibrahim and his KMJ entourage stopped by at the town. The crowd has gathered since the morning to wait for their beloved Ruler and the Royal family members. The delegation arrived in front of the Koperasi Parit Raja building. Upon arrival, local leaders notably Sri Gading MP Dato Haji Mohamad Haji Aziz and Parit Raja State Assemblyman Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, head of villages and several others were there to greet the Sultan and the entourage. There were also Javanese cultural performances such as kuda kepang and barongan.

The rakyat wasted no chance to shake hands and took photos with Sultan Ibrahim who in turn sportingly mixed around and chatted with them. HRH and his princes were later ushered to a nearby royal tent for a light refreshment.

This was followed by the recital of the history of Parit Raja. The Sultan then received several souvenirs and gifts from the daughter and grand daughter of the late Haji Nawawi, the man who was recorded as the early settler of Parit Raja. Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi also presented a souvenir on behalf of the residence of the town. HRH Sultan Ibrahim then signed a plaque as a mark of the presence of KMJ in Parit Raja before departing for the next destination.

Kembara Mahkota Johor Phase II - Update (1)

Kembara Mahkota Johor Phase II

Kembara Mahkota Johor Phase II is scheduled to begin today. This 3-day-777km expedition, led by the Sultan of Johor, HRH Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, will see the entourage riding on motorbikes visiting several districts in Johor. This will include Pontian, Batu Pahat, Muar, Ledang, Kluang and Mersing. Apart from the Royal family, the expedition will also be accompanied by the heads of departments and the media.

The expedition is expected to make a brief 15 minute stop at Parit Raja at around 11.45 am before heading to Syarikat Air Johor, Sri Gading. ParitRajaDaily team will post more stories and pictures later.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Massive traffic jam

There was a massive traffic congestion along Jalan Batu Pahat-Seri Gading at around 5.30 pm this evening. As it was the time people were going home from their workplace, bumper-to-bumper crawl could be seen from Pura Kencana housing area to the Road Transport Department (RTD) Station at Seri Gading. The traffic jam was due to a road block by the RTD who were most probably looking for errant motorists. Several officers from the National Anti Drug Agency (AADK) were also seen nearby. Perhaps they were also investigating drug-related cases.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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New feature in Parit Raja Daily

The content in Parit Raja Daily now not only can be read but also can be listened to thanks to the Odiogo application. This allows readers to read as well listen to English words. This adds value to the portal as it can serve as a source for learning pronunciation of English vocabularies.

First batch of PLSP

Attached a first batch of PLSP students, which consist of three major program; 1) Bachelor in Electro-Mechanical, 2) Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and, 3) Bachelor in Manufacturing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Parit Raja Daily is Gaining Popularity

Parit Raja Daily, a news portal meant for the residence of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat Johor, is slowly capturing the attention of netizens around the world. As this entry was written, the portal has received almost 500 hits. True to its tag line, "By the locals, for the global audience" it is not only viewed by Malaysians but also people from Perth, Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland as well as from the Asia Pacific Region.

With the growing number of writers (currently there are 11 writers in the team), this news portal will surely try to update and provide its readers with the latest happenings in this small town of Parit Raja. More people from different backgrounds and agencies (private and government) have also expressed their intention to become the writers.

Pantai Sungai Lurus Project (PSLP)

Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE UTHM) is currently working on a project called Pantai Sungai Lurus Project (PSLP). Pantai Sungai Lurus is located nearby Parit Raja. It only takes 15 minutes drive to get to the beach from UTHM. A few years back, Pantai Sungai Lurus was once a famous place with foreign and local tourists have been there enjoying the tasty, well-cooked kerang. Currently, the place is contaminated with trash, garbage, rubbish, etc. SIFE UTHM has formed a team called PSLP, led by Bobby Dean John to work wonders at the beach. Below are the committee members of PSLP team:

Project Manager : Bobby Dean John
Secretary : Ng Yee Lin
Treasurer : Zombie Ghost
Technical Director : Tang Poh Hong
Multimedia Director : Nurul Liyana
Public Relationship Director : Asanudin
Committee Members : Ng Jen Wei, Chan Chung Park, Helen Tan

Pantai Sungai Lurus offers a lot of potential as one of tourist places. But before this place turns into a wonderful beach, lots of work have to be done. The PSLP team has figured out some ways to implement it. One of the first phase tasks will be gotong-royong. The main objective of this gotong royong is to get rid of the mess at the beach. Besides that, the PSLP team intends to beautify and return the ‘golden era’ to the beach where it was once hailed as one of the cleanest beach in Malaysia.

The PSLP team will meet Kampung Sungai Lurus chief, Tuan Haji Othman on 15th August 2010 to discuss about the gotong-royong event. Besides that, the PSLP team intends to promote the beach by organizing fishing competition nationwide. This fishing competition will also help generating income for the villagers of Kampung Pantai Sungai Lurus. The date of the event has yet to be decided.
That’s all for now. I will keep you updated, so stay tuned :)

Special Education Students Sweat it Out at Futsal Tournament

The special education students showing their skills.

Some 150 special education students from various schools around Batu Pahat took part in a futsal tournament today at Parit Raja. The one-day tournament was organised by the Special Education Unit of Batu Pahat District Education Office.

Some of the spectators watching the games

The tournament which was held at Futsal Raja Parit Raja was divided into two categories; senior level and junior level. Among the teams under the senior level were SMK Permata Jaya, SMK Dato Syed Esa, SMK Banang and SMK Semerah. SK Pintas Raya, SK Bandar and SK Ayer Hitam were competing in junior level. More than 20 schools took part in this tournament. According to Mr. Zakaria of SMK Permata Jaya, many of the students were slow learners. Some deaf students from SMK Teknik Batu Pahat were also taking part.

SK Ayer Hitam team beating SK Bandar by 2 - 1

Deteriorating road condition

The Kembara Mahkota Johor Phase II is just around the corner, as someone who utilizes the Kluang -Batu Pahat so called highways, I noticed that nothing much has been done. In fact, many users cannot access directly and easily from Parit Karjo to Air Hitam since a U-turn was made. It would be an advantage if the U-turn is the safest way to the motorists from being involved in accidents, however certain precautions had to be made like how far is the U-turn and even the condition of the road. It's been nearly a year, and NOTHING has been done to put up lamp posts along the road. This is very dangerous especially to motorcyclists.....I just hope nothing bad will happen when the Kembara Mahkota Johor entourage passed along the road.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RnI Fest Update 1

Parit Raja Daily has been receiving some thumb-ups from the visitors to its booth during this festival. Some prominent academicians in the University namely Assoc. Prof Dr Hussain Othman and Prof. Dr. Zarar Mohd Jenu expressed their confidence that the news portal will be a hit especially among the locals. The latter also jokingly suggested that to increase traffic, the portal should contain 'juicy' and controversial news such as scandals, secret love affairs etc. Well, Prof. the news team can take that into consideration.

Parit Raja Daily: An Overview

Parit Raja Daily is a blog-based news portal for the residence of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. The portal serves as a platform for school children, university students, school teachers, university staff and lecturers, government and private agencies as well as the public at large to share news that take place around the Parit Raja area. In other words, the portal is an example of the practise of community journalism for this place. It also aims to provide a space and encourage writing in English language among the locals about this small but rapidly developing town.

Community journalism is locally oriented, news coverage that typically focuses on city neighborhoods, individual suburbs or small towns, rather than metropolitan, state, national or world news.

Community tend to cover subjects which usually larger and established news media do not, such as students on the honour roll at the local schools, school sports, crimes such as vandalism, zoning issues and other details of community life. Sometimes dismissed as "chicken dinner" stories, such "hyperlocal" coverage often plays a vital role in building and maintaining neighborhoods. As such, Parit Raja Daily aims to provide a platform for the locals to write in English language and therefore creating a ‘local-flavoured’ information source written in the language.

Potential partnerships can be forged with many parties especially around the localities. These include businesses that want to advertise their products and services, industries that want to advertise job vacancies and learning institutions that want to inform the public about their activities. Government agencies such as the Police Department and Health Department can also convey the information through this news portal.

Parit Raja Daily: Writers Required

Welcome to Parit Raja Daily. This is a news portal on daily happenings around this small but busy Parit Raja town in Batu Pahat, Johor. The contributors to this portal are all of YOU. However, contributors will be chosen through invitations. If you are interested to be part of the news team, please email us at or and we will invite you to be one of the writers. Welcome aboard.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Research and Innovation Festival 2010

UTHM will be organising the Research and Innovation Festival 2010 on 3-5 August at the Dewan Tunku Ibrahim Ismail and Dewan Terbuka UTHM. The festival will showcase researches and innovations by UTHM academic staff and students. Admission is free.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Raja Futsal

'Raja Futsal' is one of the futsal venues available in Parit Raja. Located nearby UTHM City Campus, it offers a great atmosphere for players to show off their skills. The venue has facilities such as three (3) covered futsal courts, toilets and a drink stall for players to sip drinks after games.

Raja Futsal info:
Facilities: 3 futsal courts, toilets and a drink stall.
Price (per hour): RM45 (weekdays), RM40(weekends), RM35(student price)
Contact number:017-753 4060

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Sunday

It has been a busy Sunday in Parit Raja. As the new semester at UTHM starts tomorrow, senior students are seen flocking back to the University. Some are back on their own while others are sent by their parents. At the same time, Defence Minister Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi officiates an UMNO-organised event at the town's new Dewan Orang Ramai. Thus, these contribute to heavy traffic flow along the Batu Pahat-Air Hitam highway stretch and occupied parking lots especially around the hall. The beginning of the new semester also marks the return of brisk business to many shops especially eating outlets as the University students are regular goers to these places. This afternoon, students are seen having their lunch at restaurants and stalls around this town.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Safety First

It is wonderful and worthwhile when we can utilize a fully equipped stretch of road from Batu Pahat to Kluang.However, it also takes a long winding road ( a proverb) to wait for this stretch of road to be completed. Everyday,motocyclists,car drivers and even school children jeopardize their lives driving along and using the road.I have not seen much improvement being done on the construction of the road, especially on U turns. And, it's quite dark when you drive at nights.With the Kembara Mahkota Johor just around the corner, something should be done .Let's just hope that the people of Parit Raja is safe while using the road...

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup Final Live at Parit Raja

Venue: Open Hall, UTHM
Date: 12 July 2010
Time: 12.30 a.m.
Organizers: UTHM and DUN Senggarang