Saturday, August 7, 2010

KKDK UTHM goes Muar

In conjunction with 'Jalinan Bestari Komuniti Johor 2010', Fakulti Pendidikan Teknikal (FPTek UTHM) held a program together with Kelab Kauseling dan Kerjaya (KKDK UTHM) in Kampung Parit Bakar, Muar, Johor. One of the events, PROPEC was held on 7th August 2010. This event involved 4 primary schools and a secondary school in Muar. Facilitators of KKDK UTHM had gone to these selected schools to guide and help out in the event. Lots of fun activities were conducted by the facilitators of KKDK UTHM, such as Bollywood Fever, Donkey and Deer, Poisonous Ocean, etc.

Standard 2 and 3 students of SRK Parit Bakar Tengah, one of the 5 schools chosen in the PROPEC program

Syamil Zakaria, KKDK facilitator entertaining the students

Students playing 'Poisonous Ocean', a game where students must remain standing on a piece of paper

Kong Yun Bing, a facilitator of KKDK helping out the students in one of the activities

The PROPEC program started at 11:00 am. Initially, it was supposed to start at 9:00 am, but due to heavy rain early in the morning, the program had to be delayed for a couple of hours. KKDK facilitators had fun together with the pupils, who were so active participating in our activities. The pupils love the facilitators so much, they even requested KKDK facilitators to be their teachers starting next week! Looks like our KKDK facilitators have developed skills in teaching. The program ended at 5:00pm.

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