Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan at Parit Raja

The month of Ramadhan marks the return of Bazaar Ramadhan to many places around the country including Parit Raja. In the heart of this small town, there are two notable areas where people throng to buy food to break their fast. The bigger bazaar spot is in front of the Kompleks Niaga Parit Raja food court while the other one is along Jalan Besar in front of the shop lots building. There are many types of food available ranging from western food to traditional Malay cuisines.

Meanwhile, canopies are also seen erected in front of the CIMB building. It is believed that the canopies will be rented out to traders selling dry items such as attires, accessories and also dry food such as all kinds of kerepek, a sort of traditional Malay crisps which is widely produced in cottage industries in many parts of Parit Raja. Business in this area however usually only starts operating in the second half of Ramadhan.


  1. have a lot of choice....
    luv it!!!

  2. hm,but not all types of food is here..
    hopes in the next year, there will be more food stall.

  3. the variety food r very interesting....